After successful cooperation of our countries, SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility coordinators of Erasmus Student Network Czech Republic and Erasmus Student Network Slovakia met at the second Local Coordinators Meeting organised by ISC VUT Brno. Most of participants were ESN newbies for whom it was their first meeting. We are most proud of the outcome of the workshops during which we planned 7 awesome SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility events that are ready to be implemented during upcoming SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility Week. Last semester we have started this cooperation and we already see its fruits. We can’t wait for another meeting! 
The meeting was orientated on two projects, which are SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility. At the beginning there was introduction to these projects and their explanation of what they are including. Later, every single section had opportunity to present their events and progresses in the past few terms. Each one of them had many successful events to share with us with many ideas and advises.  Program continued with workshop, during which we learnt how to plan our own event in the most effective way. Since the SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility weeks are coming, the next part was orientated on planning perfect schedule which we will organise in our section. In the end of the meeting we had presentation about opening section for people with handicap, presented by national president of the ESN Czech republic. The whole meeting was very educating and brought us many ideas and hopefully we will be able to apply it in our sections.