Firstly, I would like to inform you about our #GetToKnow. We decided to introduce all of our board members and now it is time to shine like a star wink

As you know, we are a small section but we are improving all the time. We started the new term with the new board. We would like to introduce our new section board. First of all, we should start with the most important position - president

Our section is interesting because of a female president whose name is IVANA VAVREKOVÁ.  Ste studies psychology because she believes in people. ESN has changed her life in many ways and that's why she decided to candidate for such position as president. She loves our section. She is also our friend. 

And what about ESN meetings? Deep in loveheart That's the right phrase how to explain the way she loves ESN. She loves these meetings because of meeting many people from different sections and making friends. Because ESN is not only about Erasmus but also about friendships.