National Dinners are over!

Yes, what you are reading is true, the National Dinners are over! But only for this semester. For those that are not familiar with how the things roll in ESN Prešov, let me explain you this. We are a family of Slovaks and Erasmusers from not only all over the Europe but also all around the WORLD! This, and also the fact that easterners are the most hospitable Slovaks of them all (no offence guys, you know it’s true), made it possible to prepare not only one event called „Euro dinner“, but to extend this amazing event and divide it into a number of National Dinners! Our students do not just live the life in Slovakia, they have the opportunity to be like easterners and experience their hospitality!

National Dinners are great! You get to taste a different cuisine, drink different drinks and for a day feel the atmosphere of a different country. However, we are small in numbers we are strong in ideas, so we do combine countries in order to try it all. First ND is as usual SLOVAK WELCOME DINNER, where the erasmusers do not only taste our food, listen to our music and dance our traditional folk dances, but they also learn something from the history of the country, region and our strong Slovak personality, which is, as you know, the best what there is! After Slovak ND it is time for erasmusers to do their best and introduce us to their country, food and temper.

First countries presenting were Turkey with France, followed by Ukraine with Poland, and then Germany. The last Dinner that happened just a few hours ago belonged to Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Taiwan. Special thanks to the presenters, chefs and the time they spend during the preparations!

Even though the NDs are over, ESNers work never ends and we are planning a lot of crazy and interesting things for you, our beloved erasmusers!

See you at the UNIPOFEST nextweek!