ESN UNIPO prepares a weekend trip to our former capitat, nad todays capital of Czechia! The plan is to explore this wonderful hundred tower beauty, learn something about the history and have a great time! Time of departure is on Friday afternoon (2pm) from Prešov and approximate arrival is around 23.00pm. We will all stay in one wonderful hostel called Czech Inn (feel free to check it). After the long ride we are planning a romantic walk in midnight Prague. In the morning we are joining ESN STUBA and visiting the Prague castle, walking down the Charles bridge and having some free and fun time in the old city! Later on we will walk and explore more of Prague! On Sunday, we are planning a walk on Petřín (please check that too) also with ESN stuba! We will leave in the afternoon!
PLEASE JOIN US! and explore the wonderful Prague with us!
FEE: - 80€ with ESN card; 90 without it
Includes accomodation, tranport and entrance to the Prague Castle
Teaser: party with ESN STUBA in Prague!




24/03/2017 - 14:00 to 26/03/2017 - 14:00