Just like we have a female president, the whole board is female. The other important member of the local board is Local Representative, whose job is to inform everyone about everything and represent ESN Prešov on the national and international level.

The LR of ESN Prešov is no one else then the other section Koza Katarína Petrusová. At the moment, she is an external doctoral student of the Institute of Rusyn language and culture and it is her second time of being LR. She chose ESN because, during her Erasmus in Serbia, she saw how important it is to help the others and wanted to be as helpful as possible.

She fell in love with the #ESNfamily during their meetings, and loves to take care of Erasmusers and section members, whenever they need her help. Anyway, this very serious person is crazy and funny and well ... Koza as well. „Representing the ESN Prešov is an amazing experience! But the best feeling is to see the seeds we, as ESNers, planted in the hearts of our Erasmusers and to see them become ESNers in their  own country,“ says Katie. Katiewasalsoelected as the National Mov’in Europe Coordinator.r